Our School's Spirituality

“It is precisely in the gospel of Christ, taking root in the minds and lives of the faithful, that the Catholic school finds its definition.” 
– from The Catholic School (Sacred Congregation for Catholic Education, 1977)

Our Catholic faith permeates every facet of school life and is an integral part of who we are as a community. Students are taught how to live the gospel values of love, justice, self-discipline and respect for others. Each student is encouraged to strive for a knowledge of Jesus, personal holiness, Catholic witness and fulfillment of the obligation to Christian service. Daily religion classes help students to learn more about their faith and to develop a personal relationship with Jesus.

We believe that every moment of every day provides an opportunity to live our faith in a radical way. Formal prayer opportunities are offered in a variety of ways. Each morning begins with an eighth grade student leading the school in prayer. Once a month the entire school community gathers together to worship during our school liturgy. During Advent and Lent, members of the student body lead the school in prayer services in our auditorium. Throughout the school year, each grade coordinates a service project to help local community organizations.