Social Studies

The purpose of the kindergarten social studies program is to introduce students to  the world in which they live and to show them that it is part of a larger world. The  importance of living a life filled with good Christian values is stressed along with the  value of good citizenship. The children also learn about the diversity of the many  cultures in our world. 

The students will: 
• develop an awareness of themselves in relationship to their 
class, family, community, country, and world. 
• find excitement and joy in learning about cultures apart from  their own. 
• explore the past by learning about famous people of long ago  (e.g. president, Johnny Appleseed) 
• identify national holidays and why we celebrate them. 

The students will: 
• recognize the globe and know it represents the earth. 
• recognize a map and understand it is used to find places. 
• describe places in their neighborhood. 
• identify their street address, city or town, Commonwealth of  Massachusetts, and the United States as the country in which  
they live. 

The students will: 
• retell stories and give examples of justice, responsibility, rules,  and fairness. 
• identify important United States symbols(e.g. American flag). • recite the words of the Pledge of Allegiance.

Teaching Strategies 
• literature 
• hands-on activities (Pilgrim store and bartering for goods) • art projects 
• small group and large group activities 
• folk music, games, and dances 
• curriculum “trip” to foreign country 

• class discussions 
• teacher observation 
• projects 

• Harcourt Social Studies, Our World: Now & Long Ago, 2007 • MacMillan Bog Books 
• MacMillan audio resources 
• Teacher created materials 
• Scholastic Weekly Reader magazine 
• BrainPop, Jr. ( 
• globe 
• world and U.S. maps 
• Discovery Education United Streaming subscription