The purpose of the writing program in kindergarten is to teach students that speech  can be transcribed to the written word. The purpose is also to enable students to  create stories and captions about artwork, which can be scripted by the teacher  and/or written by the student. 

The students will: 
• understand that what is said can also be written. 
• be able to express thoughts that can be scripted by the teacher. • draw pictures and write letters or phonetically spell words  
(inventive spelling). 
• feel comfortable knowing that their words and thoughts have  value and meaning. 

Teaching Stragegies 
• creating an atmosphere that is rich in print 
• encouraging the use of writing centers at free time 
• creating positive attitudes about the student’s ability to write  on their own. 
• display cards with words frequently requested by students. 
• weekly journal writing 
• class books that incorporate Language Arts themes. 

• observation 
• writing journals/portfolios 

• McGraw-Hill Reading Wonders, 2014 
• writing center 
• pictionaries 
• flash cards 
• word wall 
• Reading/Writing Workshop Big Book