The purpose of the phonics program in kindergarten is to teach students that letters  have sounds and to teach the relationship between those letters and their sounds. 

The students will: 
• be able to recognize consonants and their sounds in both the  initial and final position. 
• be able to recognize vowels and their sounds. 
• be able to recognize vowels and their sounds in the medial  
• begin to blend sounds into words (simple three-letter,  
monosyllabic CVC words). 
• begin to decode monosyllabic words. 
• create new words using word families. 
• be able to identify pairs of rhyming words. 
• become excited about learning to read. 
• be able to create pictures to represent individual consonant  sounds. 
• understand that words are made of syllables. 
• begin to differentiate between nouns and verbs. 

Teaching Strategies 
• teacher-directed lessons 
• flash cards 
• teacher-directed word games, listening games, and audiotapes. • student-directed small group activities 
• one-on-one individual enrichment 

• teacher observation 
• individual testing 
• artwork 
• unit assessments 
• benchmark assessments

• McGraw-Hill Reading Wonders, 2014 
• teacher created materials 
• Flash Cards, School Zone Publishing Co. 
• Mailbox Teachers Helper magazine 
• SMARTBoard 
• iPad apps 
• Literature Big Books 
• photo cards 
• Reading/Writing Workshop Big Book