LANGUAGE ARTS (Penmanship)

The purpose of the penmanship program in kindergarten is to continue to instruct  students in the correct formation of letters. Students are introduced to the use of  appropriately lined paper for writing. Students learn to write their first and last  names with capital and lower case letters formed correctly. 

The students will: 
• write their first and last name in correct form. 
• form capital letters correctly. 
• form lower case letters correctly. 
• be able to write on line paper following left to right  

Teaching Strategies 
• teacher-directed whole group instruction 
• student-directed small group activities 
• one-to-one instruction 
• practice 

• teacher observation 

• McGraw-Hill Reading Wonders, 2014 
• Zaner-Bloser penmanship series 
• iPad Letterforms app 
• SMARTBoard