Grade 3

Religion: Sadlier's, We Believe presents Catholic doctrine in a clear and interesting manner. The focus of third grade study is "We Are the Church". Each chapter has consistent features that direct learning, develop literacy in religion, reinforce content, and foster faith and life integration. Students learn about the life of the saints and attend monthly Mass. 

Language Arts (reading/spelling):  The students' reading series, Wonders, is published by McGraw Hill. Students will continue to build skills  in comprehension, vocabulary, listening, fluency, and speaking. They will also  acquire and strengthen comprehension skills such as cause and effect, main idea and details, sequence of events, inferences and predictions, author's purpose and point of view, problem and solution, and story elements. All of these elements of reading help students grow in their thinking and problem solving skills.

Writing: Focus is on four different types of writing throughout the year. These include personal narrative, fictional narrative, informative, and opinion. Students will learn about each type of writing, utilize graphic organizers and anchor charts while learning about each process.

Math:  Focus is on developing understanding of concepts under operations and algebraic thinking, numbers and operations, measurement and data and geometry. Instruction includes concepts, computation, problem solving, estimation, and critical thinking through teacher direction, independent study, use of manipulatives, and collaboration. 

Social Studies: Students will learn about our state's geography, resources, and history, as well as New England. Students will learn and research important figures from our state’s history .

Science: Students develop and enhance their skills at gathering, recording and charting, and analyzing data in order to study their environment. They use these practices to study  earth systems,  the environment, weather patterns, weather related events, energy, motion, and force.