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Meg Dromey


Meg is currently a hospice nurse in Massachusetts. After Sacred Heart she attended Notre Dame Academy and Saint Anselm College, where she received her Bachelors of Science in Nursing. 

For me, Sacred Heart School is a place of compassion. I was both nurtured and challenged, while being reminded every day of my uniqueness and of my worthiness as a child of God. I was given a groundwork to go out into the world with a background in both academics and morals. The education I learned at SHS has remained with me, especially the spelling of dessert versus desert, thanks to Mrs. Sayer’s eighth grade English class. Everyone wants two desserts, hence the two “s’s.” I remember the prayers, for those who needed them, and being taught that asking God to guide is one of the kindest things to do for those who need it most. I am blessed and I am grateful for being an alumnus of catholic education, because everyone deserves to have such a beautiful foundation.