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Aidan Gallegos


Aidan graduated from Catholic Memorial High school and is currently a senior at Santa Clara University in CA.  He is a double major in Psychology and Philosophy, with a minor in Spanish.  In his 2nd year at Santa Clara University, he was asked to do a Ted Talk.  Aidan’s greatest passion is composing and performing music, and strongly believes that it is the best way to connect with people, evoke emotion, and inspire others. In this talk, he delves into musicology and attempts to answer the essential question as to why humans appreciate music.  You may see his Ted Talk here:
Aidan Gallegos: Harmonizing with Your Heart | TED Talk

Every single day, I walked into the classroom and was taught to be positive and open-minded towards learning. Some things never change, and I've always kept this sentiment alive. Because of the environment in which I grew up and was educated, I was always taught at Sacred Heart that there was a way to be passionate about learning. School didn't always have to feel like school. Instead, it was about finding ways to enjoy learning and realize how important it would be for my own academic success in high school and college. Without the lessons I learned from my teachers and mentors, I would not have the same skills or values that I do today.