Tuition & Additional Cost Considerations

2021/22 Tuition Rates 

Kindergarten – Grade 4 (sibling discounts are included in these amounts):    
$ 6,500 
2 Students:  $12,500  
3 Students:  $18,500
4 Students:  $22,000

Sibling Discount:
Kindergarten - Grade 8 students
(inclusive with our partnership school St. Francis Xavier) 
1 or 2 Sibling(s) Discount:   $500/Sibling
4+ Student Discount:           $1,000/Student  

Pre-K 3y / 4y -  5 Full Days:   $7,500
                         5 Half Days:   $5,900
Pre-K 3y / 4y – 4 Full Days:   $6,000
                         4 Half Days:   $4,720
Pre-K 3y / 4y – 3 Full Days:   $4,500
                         3 Half Days:   $3,540

Pay In Full Discount (Full Time Pre-Kindergarten - Grade 8):  
$100 per student

Prorated Tuition and Discount Policy: 
Tuition for students who enroll after school starts will be adjusted and prorated.  This includes tuition as well as any applicable discounts.  

Enrollment fee:
There is a $50/student, non-refundable enrollment fee for new and returning students.  Payment will be submitted upon submission of the enrollment packet.

FACTS Management Information and Payment plan information 

Our financial stability is dependent upon tuition.   FACTS Tuition Management company is the provider we use to manage the collection of tuition, as well as any other charges/payments for school sponsored activities such as athletics and clubs.  All parents/guardians, even if paying in full, are required to create a FACTS account. 

Our payment plan withdrawals begin in July, 2021 and end April, 2022.  Tuition withdrawal dates may be on the 5th or the 20th of each month.

You may pick from the following FACTS Payment Plan Options:
Pay in full:  Must be paid by July 1st, 2021.  FACTS fee is $20.00.   May pay by check at institution or via your FACTS account.  
Monthly: July – April (10 months).  FACTS fee is $50.00.  Standard monthly, automatic deductions.  May use bank account or credit card.  Using a credit card carries a 2.85% per transaction convenience fee.  You may choose to have your deduction taken out on either the 5th or 20th of each month.
Semi-Monthly:  July – April (10 months).  FACTS fee is $50.00.  Semi-monthly payments coming out on the 5th AND 20th each month.
Semi-Annual:  2 payments, scheduled on the 5th or 20th of August and December.  FACTS fee is $20.

Please note:  The FACTS fee is per year, per payment plan.  For example, if you select to pay monthly, there is a 1 time $50 FACTS service fee for that school year.  If you select Pay In Full, or Semi-Annual, there is a 1 time $20 FACTS service fee for that school year.  FACTS provides customer service to all users, and securely handles all withdrawals and transfers made from your bank account or credit card.

Additional cost considerations

School Uniform:  May purchase new at JB Pride in S. Weymouth, or we have used uniform options (pending availability).
School Supplies:  Please read class list supply page for detail.
Transportation:  If you live in the town of Weymouth, please read this document for options.  Anyone outside of Weymouth is responsible for the drop off and pick up of your children.
Before/After School Care:  Is located on the Sacred Heart campus and is run by Champions.  Please contact them for information and pricing.