PreK 4y Teachers and Students

The goal of the Early Childhood program is for children to learn and play with others in a happy, nurturing environment. Emphasis is placed on always being respectful and showing kindness to others. Students learn about God’s love for them and the special gifts they have been given by God. They learn to play well with others, initiate social interactions, follow program routines, and solve problems appropriately. There are many opportunities throughout the day for children to develop their fine and large motor skills. The program also helps children develop math and language readiness skills. Teachers use a developmentally appropriate multi-sensory approach to provide experiences that will ultimately prepare the students for kindergarten.

Our pre-kindergarten classes encompass a wide range of developmental stages, which lets each child find his/her own place along the continuum. The curriculum is designed specifically to support the wide range of developmental abilities. Each child has the opportunity to complete the stages of development at his/her own pace. The Pre-Kindergarten program emphasizes the development of social skills and school readiness skills.

Pre-Kindergarten 3y & 4y:
Beginning in 2022/23 school year, we will offer 5 Full Day or 5 Half Day and 3 Full Day or 3 Half Day attendance options for our Pre-Kindergarten 3y and 4y students.  Our 3 day students will attend Tuesday's, Wednesday's & Thursday's.

Full Day Hours:
Half Day Hours:  8:30am-11:50am  (12:00pm when we have our entire school First Friday half days, or any other entire school half day dismissal)

  • The age eligibility date per each pre-kindergarten grade is August 31st. 
  • Children are expected to be fully potty-trained before entering the preschool program. By the term “fully potty trained”, we mean that the child will need to be able to express their need to go to the restroom, be able to pull their clothing down, wipe, and be able to pull their clothing back up. You are asked to bring a spare set of uniform clothing in case of the occasional accident. These accidents are a part of the growing process and will be handled in a kind and gentle way, with respect for the child’s feelings. If a pattern of accidents occurs, your child’s teacher will set up a meeting to discuss if your child is fully potty-trained and ready for school

Pre-Kindergarten 3y Program and Curriculum 

PreK 3y 2021-22

Circle time: The students learn things such as: letters, days of the week, weather, colors, shapes, numbers, etc.  This time may also include having stories read to them as well as student "share and tell" time.  
Table time: This is the time that our students work on themes, do crafts, letter of the week, pre-school math, etc.
Snack time: The students eat snack in the classroom.  Our students pray before each meal.
Free time: The students are able to choose and play on their own using the classroom areas.
Lunch time: The students eat lunch in the classroom. Our students pray before each meal.
Nap time: The students nap in the classroom, on cots, for an hour.

Music and Movement: Teacher led songs and games.
End of day -Release: Final circle time, prayer, pack up for dismissal.

Pre-Kindergarten 4y Program and Curriculum

Students receive instruction in the subjects of English Language Arts, Mathematics, Religion, Science and Social Studies. We utilize curriculum aligned with the Massachusetts Curriculum Frameworks.

Free Play: The students are able to choose and play on their own using the classroom areas.
Morning Prayer : Students listen and practice the Catholic faith through Gospel stories and prayers.
Calendar/Math: Students are guided in their math learning by real world applications of math skills. 
Letter/Sound Work/Print Work: Students learn skills in letter-sound relationships, alphabetic order, and letter formation. Students are exposed to literacy through daily read alouds, and center based learning. 
Playground: Students play outside on the playground structure. 
Science and Social Studies: Our science and social studies curriculum is fully aligned with the Massachusetts  Frameworks and taught thematically by unit of study.
Nap Time: The students nap in the classroom, on cots, for an hour.
Sensory Play: Students work with white boards, play dough, or sand.

Before & After School Care - Champions (offered to students 4.9yrs. old and up)

Our before/after school care program is located on our Sacred Heart School campus and is run by Champions.
Champions offers care for students ages 4.9y and up.   Please call, email, or visit their website for information, pricing and sign up.

Contact Information:
  Email:     [email protected]
  Phone:    781-901-2269

Why Families Love Champions
Since 1990, we've been meeting the needs of busy families by providing a fun and safe space where children can foster their love of learning and develop the skills necessary to succeed in school and life. Our proven before- and after-school programs offer learning activities, homework help, healthy snacks, and a whole lot of fun – all within the safety and convenience of your child’s school.

Top 5 Reasons Families Love Champions
Happy, healthy, inspired children
Learning that’s fun
Safe, convenient location
Homework time makes evenings more relaxed for families
Frequent communication keeps parents informed