Kindergarten - Grade 4

Girl writing

The Elementary School program fosters a love of learning by encouraging each child to become an independent, engaged learner. We believe that students benefit when learning is cumulative and developmental. By tapping their inner creative resources, students expand their learning through ongoing interaction with their classmates, curricular materials, and the physical and social environment around them. Learning is framed around students’ prior knowledge and experiences to make it relevant and meaningful to them.

Because children approach learning with different interests and styles, teachers offer a variety of strategies aimed at individual student achievement. The interdisciplinary curriculum is characterized with a focus on themes and establishes connections between various traditional academic disciplines (reading, math, penmanship, phonics, spelling, writing, science, and social studies). All students in the Elementary School take specialist classes, including art, computer, library, music, physical education, and Spanish.
Students are provided opportunities to practice leadership skills and demonstrate Christian values in activities such as leading school liturgy, classroom service projects, and interactions with their classmates. Above all, students are expected to demonstrate kindness toward others.