Early Childhood

Early Childhood

The goal of the Early Childhood program is for children to learn and play with others in a happy, nurturing environment. Emphasis is placed on always being respectful and showing kindness to others. Students learn about God’s love for them and the special gifts they have been given by God. They learn to play well with others, initiate social interactions, follow program routines, and solve problems appropriately. There are many opportunities throughout the day for children to develop their fine and large motor skills. The program also helps children develop math and language readiness skills. Teachers use a developmentally appropriate multi-sensory approach to provide experiences that will ultimately prepare the students for kindergarten.

                                                    Pre-Kindergarten 3y & 4y Program 


In the Pre-Kindergarten classroom, three and four year old children are grouped together in a same-age class.  The class encompasses a wide range of developmental stages, which lets each child find his/her own place along the continuum. The curriculum is designed specifically to support the wide range of developmental abilities. Each child has the opportunity to complete the stages of development at his/her own pace. The Pre-Kindergarten program emphasizes the development of social skills and school readiness skills.

Full Day Hours:  8:30am-3:30pm           Half Day Hours:  8:30am-11:50am