Mission / History

Sacred Heart School is a Catholic faith community, pre-school through Grade 4—united with family and parish. We are committed to the mission of:

…nurturing the spirituality within each child
…preparing each child to be a caring, respectful, well-rounded, and accountable individual capable of making decision based upon gospel values,
…providing opportunities for each child to extend him/herself to those in need, and
…providing a rigorous, comprehensive academic program that will enable each child to develop 21st century learning skills and be prepared for life.

Students, faculty, and parents—all members of the faith community, embrace and live by example, the mission of Sacred Heart School.

Core Beliefs

  • Each child is a unique individual, gifted by God with talents and abilities.
  • Each child has spirituality, which can be nurtured and developed through knowledge of God, prayer and service.
  • Each child has the ability and the need to become a lifelong learner in a vastly changing world.
  • Each child can achieve their highest potential.
  • Each child can develop a moral sense of their personal responsibility in shaping the future of society and of the Church.
  • Each child is an integral part of the world.
  • Each faculty and staff member is essential to the mission of the Catholic Church by modeling a Christian faith community, by celebrating that faith through worship and by serving the people of God.

Our History

Good Sisters Plaque

Sacred Heart School had a humble beginning in September of 1913. At the request of Father John B. Holland, the Sisters of Saint Joseph came to Sacred Heart parish to do church work and begin preparations for a school. Until the school could be built, the children were taught in the dining room of the convent. Starting with 33 students in grade one, the Sisters added a new grade each year. Sacred Heart High School was opened in 1923. The high school closed in 1992 due to declining enrollment.

Good Sisters Of St. Joseph-Crop

The present elementary school building was dedicated in 1959 by Richard Cardinal Cushing, Archbishop of Boston. In 1959 the school housed grades 1-8 with two classes of each grade level. In 1968 a half-day kindergarten was added. In 1983, due to a decrease in school population, a single class at each grade level was instituted. In 1987 a full day kindergarten was established to stimulate growth. This was followed in 1993 by a K1 program for 4 year-olds. Finally, in 1995 a pre-kindergarten program for 3 year-olds was added.

A long-range strategic plan was begun in 1994 and brought the school forward for the next ten years. An extended day program was added to service the needs of working families. A foreign language program was implemented in 1995 to help students meet the growing demands of a global society. In 1998 an after school enrichment program was created to provide students with extra curricular activities. A formal development program was added in 1999.  The past two decades have brought substantial changes to the original faculty configuration. The number of specialists increased and aides were brought in to assist in the lower grades. At the present time there is an all lay faculty and administration. Sacred Heart School continues to carry on the traditions of the Sisters of Saint Joseph.

In June 2005 Sacred Heart Church, which was built in 1882, was destroyed in a fire. The loss of the Church devastated the school and parish community. Through the generosity of so many parishioners, school families, and community members, the church was rebuilt. A groundbreaking ceremony took place on September 8, 2006 and the new church was dedicated by Sean Cardinal O’Malley, Archbishop of Boston, on December 15, 2007.