Important Information for Summer 2019 and the 2019-20 School Year

  • Now Enrolling for 2019-20

    Sacred Heart School is a vibrant PreK – Grade 8 school serving the Weymouth/Braintree area and ranks academically among the top Catholic elementary schools in the Boston Archdiocese. Offering full-day Kindergarten, affordable before- and after-school care, engaged school community, enrichment programs and more!

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  • Summer 2019 Office Hours

    June 17 – July 26
    Mondays and Fridays 9 a.m. – 11 a.m. for rolling admissions.
    If you would like to make an appointment for another time or need to speak with Dr. Hawley, please call 781-335-6010 or email

  • School Supply Lists for 2019-20

    We offer the following links for summer work packets and 2019-20 supply lists for your convenience:
    School Supply Lists for Students Entering Grades 1-8

    Most classrooms also have a summer work packet; all may be found via the link below.

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  • Paula F., Sacred Heart School Parent

    Where do I begin? I love Sacred Heart School because my kids love Sacred Heart School. The teachers, staff, and school families truly care about my kids - what's better than that? I love that our principal and teachers get to know the students for the unique individuals that they are. I love the inclusive community. As a working mom, I love that there is no "divide" between those who work in the home and those who work outside the home. I love that our small, school community always pulls together in time of need, be it a fire, a devastating sickness or diagnosis or loss of a loved one. I love that our kids sing God Bless America at spring concerts and pledge allegiance to our flag in the classroom. I love that our children are learning kindness and service to others through service projects. I could go on forever.

  • Shannon M., Sacred Heart School Parent

    I love Sacred Heart School because my children not only receive a wonderful education but they experience Christ everyday.

  • Krysta A., Sacred Heart School Parent

    I love SHS because my children are given the opportunity to learn in a loving and safe environment. All 4 of them are true individuals in every way and each child is encouraged to embrace that and be themselves. I love the feel of the community and knowing you aren't alone in this crazy journey.

  • Kelly P., Sacred Heart School Parent

    I love SHS because my kids are nourished emotionally, intellectually and spiritually every single day by a wonderful community of teachers, friends, and family.