Welcome to the Principal’s Blog!

Welcome to the Principal’s Blog! I hope to keep you posted on SHS activities and news from individual classes. As I’m sure you know, it’s a very busy place and full of life.

I hope you had a blessed Thanksgiving with the opportunity to be with family and friends! During November, we have had the opportunity to invite many of our police officers into school to share some pizza with the students on Fridays. It was one way of showing them our gratitude and appreciation for all they do.

As parents we teach our children to say “thank-you”. Not because we as parents need to be thanked. We would love our children whether they demonstrated gratitude or not. But wisely, we know that learning to be grateful changes them. They become more aware and sensitive. They are transformed into people who understand that they have received many gifts, blessings and a tremendous amount of love.

In teaching them to recall God’s mercy and tender care, our children become people of hope. They come to realize that they can survive difficult times, and that their trust in God will guide them through the challenges and struggles of this life. Life is not perfect, for anyone, and God as our Father doesn’t need our gratitude. He will love us anyway. But thanking God for our life, and the many gifts we have received, acknowledges the goodness of God, and our awareness of the many blessings in our lives. This somehow makes us stronger, more thoughtful, more giving people.

As we begin this last week of November, we look to the many people who offer their gifts and talents to our school. From our superb faculty to our very active Home and School Board, and School Council, to our Technology Committee, and to our Advancement Committee, we have much for which to be grateful. With the support of these, and so many other patrons and benefactors, Sacred Heart School will position itself to be a leader in Catholic education and to thrive in the years to come, and for this we raise our grateful hearts to God!

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