The Feast of St. Nicholas and the Spirit of Giving at SHS

Can you hear those sleigh bells ringing where you are? We can certainly hear them here at Sacred Heart School! This week the children began practicing over in church for the annual Christmas Concert. They are so excited to share the gift of music with family and friends. I look forward to what will be my first Christmas with this wonderful school community!

Did you know that there is a new study demonstrating a biological connection between generosity and happiness? Children who volunteer do better in school and are less likely to engage in negative behaviors. In addition, children who lend a hand tend to be healthier as their life progresses. It seems as if charity taught early gives lifelong benefits. Our students are so blessed to have families who model generosity and give their children the experience of year-round giving. Donations to our reading program, learning center, and technology are all generous ways of affecting the education at SHS. The Wreath Sale, Santa’s Workshop, and contributing to the December collection for the nursing homes are just a few ways your children see that you are generous, giving people.

In my short time here I have come to observe adults and children who give of their time, talent and treasure. We have middle school students who serve at Mass, lector, give tours for Open House, and can be depended upon to care for others should the occasion arise. Generosity and caring can be cultivated! You do it at home and we support your efforts by calling out the best in the children at school, and asking them to love and serve their neighbor. Speaking of generosity…December 6th is the Feast of St. Nicholas, and he made a visit to Sacred Heart School! In many European countries there is a Christmas tradition of putting your shoes out on December 6th for a treat from Nicholas. After hearing about him at morning prayer, this is what the children found in their shoes:

One day this week, a young man rang the bell and asked for Nurse Julie.  He attends Mass at Sacred Heart Church. He had made and given hearts to his family in place of receiving Christmas presents. He came to bring her a check for Team Heart and her patients in Rwanda. 

The spirit of Christmas and Saint Nicholas is truly alive at Sacred Heart School!

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