Service Projects

Service is an important part of the Sacred Heart education and helps students understand the significance of, and develop lifelong sensitivities toward, improving the well-being and happiness of others. Each month a different class coordinates a collection of items to be donated to local organizations. These service projects are community outreach programs that support the Corporal Works of Mercy. In addition to the monthly service projects, the eighth grade students collect money throughout the school year for the Catholic missions.

Month Grade Project
October Grade 1 Items for the elderly
November Grade 6 Items for local veterans’ shelters
December Grade K2 Toys for Tots
January Grade 5 Food Pantry Drive
February Grade 3 Valentines for Parishioners
March Grade 2 Pennies from Heaven – Home for Little Wanderers
April Grade 4 Animal Shelter and Wildlife Center
May Grade 8 Friends of the Unborn
On-going Pre-K/K1 Welcome cards for newly baptized in Parish
On-going Grade 8 Trips to nursing home and healing mass