SHS Celebrates “Around the World”

On Wednesday, January 23, 2019, the SHS Home & School Association hosted our first-ever “Around the World” event. Featuring 18 different countries from around the world, event guests visited each stop to sample food and learn more about each culture. This amazing event drew a huge crowd!

Countries featured included: Ireland, Nigeria, France, Vietnam, Mexico, Rwanda, Sweden, Canada, Palestine, Germany, Brazil, England, India, Scotland, Italy, Greece, Ukraine, and Poland.

We enjoyed performances by our students: the SHS choir performed several South African songs; three of our young students showed off their Irish step dancing skills; the fourth grade class, under Mrs. Menadue’s leadership, demonstrated a traditional Greek wedding dance; and one of our SHS 7th graders represented France with a solo rendition of “La Vie en Rose.”

Thanks to all of the staff, teachers, parents, volunteers and students who helped to make this event a success!


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