Lunchroom News

The cost of SHS school lunches will increase slightly starting November 1, 2016. Due to Main Street Deli’s increasing costs they will be charging us an additional 10¢ per lunch item. Meals including milk
are currently $4.35 and will increase to $4.45. The cost of individual milk will remain 50¢.

Vending Machine
There is a new vending machine located right outside the school cafeteria. The machine has been stocked with food and drink from the “Safe Foods List”. Items are priced from 75¢ to $1.50. Students are allowed to purchase items during their lunch period. Some students have been experiencing some mechanical difficulties when accessing the machine. So far, the office has handled these minor issues. All students are asked to let Mrs. Donofrio know if they have any problems. If you have any questions about ordering lunch or the vending machine, please contact Mrs. Donofrio in the office at

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