Looking Back on Catholic Schools Week

Since 1974, National Catholic Schools Week has been the annual celebration of Catholic education in the United States. The theme for all Catholic Schools—“Learn. Serve. Lead. Succeed.”—is part of everyday life at Sacred Heart School! Each day we focus on the value Catholic education provides and its contributions to our church, our community and our nation.

The learning, which happens within its walls, has happened at Sacred Heart School for over 100 years and is a testament to the mission of Catholic education in this community. Last week our Grade 8 students began to receive their acceptances to high schools. The excitement on the third floor was tangible!

Catholic schools are unique in that they provide a Pre-K to Grade 8 education. This is an intentional comprehensive view of both child development and curriculum and instruction. We do not see children in an educational vacuum but as individuals in their fullness and promise. We see in our role as educators our responsibility to assist these unique people to become all God has meant them to be. In all that we do, from faith formation to academic challenges to the encouragement of virtue and responsibility, we are partnering with God and parents to assist young people grow and develop.

We began the week with a family Mass and Open House last Sunday. During the week, students thanked parents for loving them and investing in them and in their education. We ended the week with First Friday Mass and a “Thank-you!” to Father Sean for his continued support of Sacred Heart School.

Our faith is what calls us to thank God and others. It is what calls us to serve others in Christ’s name, whether it is our commitment to the world community like “Team Heart,” our own community of Weymouth in the form of collections for our friends in the nursing home or Food Pantry, or service to Sacred Heart Church by student participation as lectors, altar servers or members of the choir. It is in these positions, in the classroom, and as members of student council, sports teams, musical organizations, theatrical productions and many other opportunities given to them at Sacred Heart School that they are given the chance to rise and to lead.

Students from Sacred Heart School know and feel success each day. They are recognized for their God-given talents in and out of the classroom. They are continuing to develop knowledge, wisdom, a strong moral center, a feeling of personal worth, character, integrity, compassion and caring for others. They are supported and surrounded by a community of parents, teachers, parishioners and others who work together to provide the necessary experiences to make them good and faithful leaders in our Church and in our community. With all that is happening in our world, a Catholic education is well worth celebrating!

Thank You…to all the parents and teachers who helped organize and participate in our International Night! In particular way, I want to thank Chiamaka Okechukwu and Kelly Powers for their leadership. The evening was a huge success! A perfect example of the Sacred Heart School community at its finest.

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