Information for Sacred Heart and St. Francis Xavier School Partnership Families

Payment Plans / Registration:

Some families have not yet received their FACTS tuition payment plans.  With the partnership, there has been extra work to get them ready and complete.  Our monthly payment plan families will likely end up with an 11 month payment plan (August 2020 – June 2021).  You may always make a manual payment online once your plan is set up.  That payment will be immediately applied and reduce all remaining monthly amounts.  Please note that nothing will be withdrawn from your payment plans until you receive the email from FACTS which outlines your payment schedule.  If you have any questions after you receive that email then please email Vicki Dromey, for Sacred Heart families, or Amy Lekakos, for St. Francis Xavier families.  

Sacred Heart FACTS Link:
St. Francis Xavier FACTS Link:

  • We are able to make accommodations for those whose employment status is uncertain due to the pandemic.
  • We have a limited amount of financial aid available to our schools. Please contact Vicki Dromey (781-337-6333 x120) to inquire, as applications are currently being accepted.


Virtual Nurses’ Office

COVID 19 info

Immunization and Allergy Information

Important documents



  • Students and families are encouraged to tour their new school, but must make an appointment to do so, as we must only have one group at a time.
  • Sacred Heart tours are best scheduled online at
  • You may, of course, call the school if you have questions: 781-335-6010.
  • St. Francis Xavier tours may be scheduled by calling Mrs. Walsh at 781-335-6868.



We are in discussions with the Town of Weymouth and private vendors regarding transportation to and between our schools, so that a student may be dropped off at the campus most convenient for their family and be safely transported to the school they attend.


Estimated Start & End Times 

  • Drop-off at St. Francis Xavier will begin at 8:15 am
  • Classes at St. Francis Xavier will begin at 8:35 am
  • St. Francis Xavier School will dismiss at 3:00 am
  • Drop-off at Sacred Heart will begin at 8:30 am
  • Classes at Sacred Heart will begin at 8:45 am
  • Sacred Heart School will dismiss at 3:30 am
  • Students may be dropped off for the extended day program at either school as early as 7:00 am


Before / After School / Enrichment

  • Sacred Heart hosts before and after school programs through Champions
  • St. Francis Xavier School will also welcome students as early as 7:00 am and as late as 5:00 pm for the extended day program.
  • St. Francis Xavier may initiate a Champions program in the near future.
  • Enrichment or extracurricular programs will proceed. Both schools have strong traditions in athletics, arts and computers, and our programs will be blended to capitalize on the strengths of each school.
  • Both schools have after school tutoring available.



  • Besides an increase for the cost of living, the new tuition will cover increased expenses so that the schools can adhere to state health regulations and policies.
  • These expenses include but are not limited to the cost of personal protective equipment, cleaning supplies and specific cleaning solutions, as well as individual learning materials that students would previously have shared.
  • Both schools will undergo adaptations of learning spaces so that teaching personnel can cover a larger area of students that are safely spaced.
  • It is important to point out that the multiple child discount is higher than it was previously at Sacred Heart, and both schools now welcome a fourth child for free.
  • FACTS will be accessed and maintained outside of ParentsWeb. Families may utilize a single FACTS sign-on, but will need to establish an account with each school where your student attends. Billing will be handled internally by the same personnel and thus be streamlined as much as possible.


Grade Locations :

  • Grades Pre-K-4 will be located at Sacred Heart School
  • Grades 5-8 will be located at St. Francis Xavier School



  • Headmaster, Principal – Mr. Robert Murphy
  • Assistant Principal – Mrs. Shannon Mazza


School Nurses:

  • Each school’s current nurse has accepted their positions and expanded roles to support our students, faculty and families. Given the heightened concern around a safe and healthy learning environment, they will work closely with school leaders.


Mass and Prayer:

  • ​​​​​​​Our life of faith is our Catholic mission, and we will celebrate the sacramental life of the Church as we always have done.
  • Mass, reconciliation and daily prayer will continue to strengthen our life of faith as a partnership and community.



  • This partnership will respect and celebrate the diverse Catholic communities from which our students will come and students can keep wearing the school uniforms they already have. This is true no matter what Catholic school your child most recently attended.
  • Students who need uniforms are encouraged to purchase those from the school they will be attending.
  • There are used uniforms available at both schools for those who may need one.


Classes (size):

  • Grade levels will conduct dynamic use of learning space to
    • a) meet safety and health requirements, and
    • b) adapt to the learning and teaching styles utilized in this new model.
  • The number of students in learning spaces will be determined by the regulations put forth by the State Department of Health and the Catholic Schools Office due to COVID 19. Our facemask policy will also adhere to state regulations for schools when they are presented to us.
  • We do expect each grade to utilize multiple learning spaces.



  • We expect to be able to announce teachers by late July.


PreK – Kindergarten:

  • There will be full day Pre-K3 and Pre-K4 with the option for half-day pick up.
  • Kindergarten is full day.


Middle School:

  • The middle school program will create an incredible experience to prepare students for high school and young adulthood.
  • It is our intention for St. Francis Xavier School to continue to work with Cardinal Spellman High School, with which it had established a relationship last year. This is an ongoing conversation.

Learning Center:

  • Learning Center services will follow all children from SH to SFX. The team of special education teachers will monitor and support the progress of students identified with IEPs or from the gifted and talented program.


  • We do not yet know if we will be able to contract with a food provider per state health regulations.

Board / Leadership / Finances:

  • The shared Board will consist of the pastor of each parish school as well as faithful Catholic community members. This Board will govern the partnership between our schools, focused on finance, development and long term strategy.
  • At this time, only Dr. Gretchen Hawley and Fr. Charlie Higgins have been announced as members of the Board.
  • The Headmaster and Vice-Principal have final say in the educational decisions and the day to day running of each school and may be advised by an academic advisory committee of their choosing.

Long Term Plan:

  • This is not a temporary solution. While this partnership has formed in response to unprecedented events in our world, we do believe that it will be a tremendous opportunity for Catholic education in our area as it will allow our campuses to specialize on age groups and learning styles.
  • This decision was made in conjunction with the Catholic Schools Office, including the Associate Superintendent for Finance and Operations. Financial projections have been created and it is expected that these schools will operate with a balanced budget.

Remote Learning Plan:

  • There is a plan being developed to facilitate online learning in the case that students and teachers are separated for an extended period of time. This model is a comprehensive approach to remote learning that will house all content and communications between teacher and students on an online platform. Video lessons may still take place through this model.


  • Both of our schools adhere to the Massachusetts Framework and the standards of the Catholic Schools Office.


  • While we are utilizing two locations in this partnership, our intention is to foster community through service and mentorship between older and younger grades, as well as shared opportunities for worship at a time when it is prudent per state health regulations.

Technology :

  • Both schools have comparable technology programs, with computer labs and mobile devices, as well as Smart Boards and Google Classroom. Details regarding individual technology devices will be forthcoming as regulations around such tools are outlined by the state.

Morning Meeting/Assemblies:

  • Per state health regulations, these will cease for the time being.

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