Happy Saint Patrick’s Day!

Happy Saint Patrick’s Day! Saint Patrick is not only the patron saint of Ireland, where many in this community can trace their heritage, but he is also the patron saint of the Archdiocese of Boston.

There was great evidence that students at Sacred Heart have appreciation for this inspiring saint and founder of Christianity in Ireland. From bulletin boards to writing assignments, from finding the “pot of gold” to Irish step dancers on Friday, there was a sense of celebration everywhere!

On Thursday evening, March 14th at Saint Francis Xavier School in Weymouth the area “Spelling Bee” was held. Students in Grades 5-8 in each individual school competed to represent their grade and school at a spelling competition with other Catholic schools in the area. Teachers, parents and students attended to support our three competitors from Sacred Heart, Varsha Prapagar (Grade 5), Amaya Payton (Grade 6), and Rebecca Thornton (Grade 7).

Kudos to the cast and crew of “Peter Pan”! Our young people did a fabulous job of telling the story of the boy who never grow up! Congratulations!

With thanks to Mr. Nowselski and the Paul Effman music program, we were also happy to have Jad Kiriaki (grade 6) represent Sacred Heart School at the 3rd annual Southern Massachusetts Honor Band performance on Saturday.

Our Grade 3-4-5 students were blessed with new lockers this week. Everyone is so excited to have their own space! Thank you, Fr. Sean, Dan, and Pat!

As our younger students get new lockers to store their things, our Grade 8 students will be looking at cleaning out theirs soon. They are deciding on which high schools they will attend next year, and when they finally clean out their lockers, they will be taking books, papers, jackets, maybe even a sock or two!

Whenever we move on we throw some things away, leave some things behind and carry some things with us. We hope they throw the old papers away, and they leave their textbooks behind. Most importantly, we hope they take with them the faith they have cultivated, the lessons they have learned, their service to others and the friends they have made. As we continue our Lenten Journey, let’s “empty our lockers” so that we only take the important things with us and throw away those things that don’t help us grow in faith.

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