Fast Cash Raffle Winners

Our students and families worked hard to make this fundraiser a success and for that we are grateful. In total, this fundraiser brought over $30,000 to our school and is a special way that our community and network are able to participate in the life of the school. 

Importantly, I would like to congratulate Nora Henderson for her incredible work, as she sold 115 tickets, raising $1,150 for Sacred Heart School. Nora received an iPad for her accomplishment!

Thank you and God Bless,

Fr. Sean Connor


Raffle Winners:

  Winner Seller
$500 Paul Davis Samantha Davis
$150 Barbara Manning Thomas Sayers
$50 The Powers Family Molly Powers
$25 Linda Davis Samantha Davis
$100 John Kelly Aine O’Donnell 
$50 Peter Martineau Violette Martineau
$25 The MacFarlane Family Declan M.
$100 Lumumba Roberson Leeann Rybnik
$100 The Duarte Family  Anthony Duarte
$50 Ana Medeiros  Barbara Alacantara
$100 Roy Cass Jr. Sophia Imad
$25 Kevin Chapdelaine Athan Chapdelaine
$50 Ikenna Okechukwu Chibueze Okechukwu
$200 Christina Martineau Gianna Martineau
$100 Timothy Chen Mellor Family
$75 Myriam Colon Sophia Colon
$50 Nadary E. Loreth Nacor V.
$100 Joe Spaulding Anna S.
$25 Joumina Chedid Giselle K.
$50 Paula Murphy Neil K.
$25 Bella Solano Anthony D.
$100 Christina Meriah Lucia Ayla M.
$50 Rafael Sa Barbara Alacantara
$100 Vanessa O’Driscoll O’Driscoll Family
$50 Brenda Solano Anthony Duarte
$50 Tirrell Family Riley T.
$75 Prapagar Vajiappan Varshini Prapagar
$125 Kathy Scribe Lydia Russell
$500 Mike Doherty Ava Powers


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